Ready for a Healthy New You? 

15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Progam

Let Dr. Beyer guide you through an easy to follow 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program that gave patients an average symptom reduction of 65% and a weight lost of 9.2 lbs. in just 15 DAYS!

This supervised, safe, scientifically based program is the perfect way to jump start your weight loss and/or overall feeling better goals because it specifically targets and improves your health in 4 key areas.

#1 Blood Sugar Control 
This is most certainly an excellent program for those who are diabetic. 
#2 Liver Function 
The liver is the “detox” organ of the body. 
#3 Inflammation
This is the “silent” killer in many diseases, as well as the not-so-silent cause of people’s overall achiness 
#4 Gut Function
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said, “All disease begins in the gut”.  A poor gut “microbiome” can be at the heart of not only G.I. symptoms such as (bloating, but also a low metabolism/inability to lose weight, “brain fog”, poor immune system and many other chronic health issues. 

This Program Includes:
Before and after nutritional consultations with Dr. Beyer as well as ability to have any questions answered via email during the 15-Day cleanse.
-All needed nutritional supplements
-An easy to follow diet guidebook, clearly listing foods to freely eat and which to avoid. This is not a pre-packaged food plan or a calorie restrictive diet.

Optional: (But Highly Recommended)
Before and after blood chemistry work to check:
- Blood sugar
- Cholesterol
- Triglycerides
- ”Metabolic Panel” including lab markers that check for liver function
-”Complete Blood Count” (CBC) which can identify anemia among other things
- Iron Levels, which are commonly low when experiencing fatigue
- Inflammatory markers, such as “CRP   
One Last Thing...

I hope you can see how, while this will definitely jump start your weight loss/feeling better goals, it’s actually so much more than that.  This program will actually make you healthier! And the side benefit will be the dietary “skills” you’ll learn that you can carry forward throughout the whole year. So let’s make 2019 the healthiest year yet!  — Dr. Stephen Beyer   

Call our office to book a consultation appointment (708) 478-0690 or email at  If you are in our office for an appointment, ask Dr. Beyer for more details to get started.