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Listen to Dr. Stephen Beyer give a 1-2 Minute Explanation on Autoimmune.


Read Success Stories from Actual Patients.

Gene was diagnosed with colitis from her MD.  Knowing she did not want to begin on another prescription drug she followed the advice of her daughter and began treatment with Dr. Beyer.  Lab tests revealed food intolerances.  Gene came in experiencing severe diarrhea, gas and pain.  She completed her plan with a 100% improvement.  "Health is worth more than money."

Wendell has suffered from constant headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness, bloating and other stomach issues for over 20 years.

Madeline was suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for about 10 years. She went to several doctors and had many tests run with no answers, so she decided to come to a seminar that Dr. Beyer was having one evening. She started care and put in the work to get better and she now feels 90-95% better!

Consultation, Exam And *Lab Review

ONLY $49

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