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 How Can Decompression Therapy Help You With Your Low Back and Neck Pain?

Listen to Dr. Beyer give a 1 minute explanation.

John had suffered with lowback pain for over a year.  He had tried other types of treatments but did not get lasting results.  After following the recommended treatment plan he is 99% better.  He is very pleased he found Dr. Stephen Beyer.  

Patty was suffering from extreme pain in her low back and leg. After going through pain free treatments with Dr. Beyer she is no longer suffering and feels so much better. She can be active again with no need of any type of aspirin.  

Theresa suffered from low back pain, numbness/ weakness in her left leg which she struggled with for one year. After her comfortable, relaxing treatments she felt relief. She now feels 75% better and is going to continue with maintenance.

Consultation, Exam, any needed X-Rays and 1 Specialized Treatment -ONLY $49

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